Monday, July 12, 2010

Tried & True, and a Tad Bit Tumultuous

Remember when I talked about how amazing it is to be married to Techy? Well, it is.

But. Just so you don’t think I walk through a daisy-laden meadow everyday, I thought that I would provide a glimpse into the OTHER side of Techy.

Remember when I talked about how nice it is that Techy is forgetful because he never remembers any of our arguments and he always forgives?

The other side of that is that Techy doesn’t just forget fights. Techy forgets way more than that.

Techy, the amazing husband/father that he is, is amazingly, incredibly, and unceasingly forgetful.

What’s that? Examples, you say? I dunno…that just wouldn’t be nice….

Oh, alright, already. Gosh, you people are persistent!

So, last week, while running home between fireworks shoots, Techy lost his keys. All 290,348 of them. On one of the most ridiculously long key ring/strap thingy’s you have ever seen. In the shortest time frame possible. He swears he was only at the house for 5 minutes. And then he spent 2 hours looking for them.

And then I spent DAYS looking for them.

And then we cleaned our house.

The keys have yet to be found. THE.END. (But just of story 1)

As if that weren’t enough. On Friday night, we went to visit our former neighbors, who have now been upgraded to real friends that we actually go hang out with and stuff. They have a pool. And Techy LOVES pools. So, of course, he hopped in. Leaving his cell phones on the pool deck. Yes, I said phoneS. As in, work phone + personal phone.

And that, my friends, is where they stayed until sometime on Saturday afternoon. After about 6 or 7 hours of steady rain poured on them all day. Nope. They don’t work. Totally fried. THE.END.

The good thing is, Techy knows how Techy is. And I know how Techy is. And we work around these minor irritations. Heaven knows I do things like this all the time.

One day I should have Techy write a guest post about the downfalls of me.

Or maybe not.

Would I still have friends if everyone knew my downfalls?

Hopefully, we will never have to know.

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