Monday, July 12, 2010

I itch...alot...all over

So, it's Monday and I have already posted my thought provoking, earth shattering post for the day. If you didn't read it, be sure you do. Or at the very least, go read your Bible. And be thankful you have it.

But now, allow me to digress for just a second.

Remember my sweet baby boy? You know which one...

Oh, I know, I know.

Well, after a long and traumatic (a whole week and a half - but in his world that's like 16% of his life) bout with a rash on his face, I finally caved and called the doctor. Only to be told that my baby boy has baby eczema. Grrrrreat. So he's probably going to look all rashy like this for a long, long time now.

But not to worry, cause he's really too young to itch yet....

That doesn't mean Mommy won't break out in contact hives every time she sees it.

And then I come back to read this on my go-to blog.




Lauren said...

Hi, Leah! Elina was diagnosed with the same thing, she had rashes just like your Little Man's on her whole body... the doctor recommended Aveeno baby lotion for eczema (it's a tube with a navy blue cap) and it worked wonders!

Leah said...

Sweet! You know I will try it out! Thanks for the advice!