Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The thing no one ever tells you about pregnancy....

When you're pregnant, people give you lots and lots of advice. Usually things you don't want to hear, and occasionally some things you do. (P.S. I love to give advice about having babies. Even though I have only had one, I count myself as an expert now. And I had an amazing childbirth experience, so one day you can expect that post. Yes, male readers, beware.)

However, I am appalled at the lapse in advice I got. You see, despite all the useless advice I got, there was one pivotal piece of information that was omitted.

Pregnant women everywhere - Listen to my cry! You should definitely be exercising your arms as much as possible during pregnancy. I don't care if you never get your butt off the couch...at least do some weight curls while sitting there.

Seriously. My arms are enormous. My arms are like the size that my calves used to be. And not an ounce of it is muscle. Well, at least not an ounce that you can see. I am sure there is muscle buried deep under there. But you can't tell. And I have been doing 30 Day Shred for almost 2 months with no visible change in my arm size.

I am getting desperate.
But am I this desperate?

I'll let you know next month.

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Anonymous said...

do not go for the shake weight. there is a terribly inappropriate snl sketch referencing the shake weight out there. just don't do it! :)
jenny s.