Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Ceej, Feel free to stay on vaca for another week....

Because I promised, and because I am a show off, and mostly because I need an excuse for not working out.

This is how my morning began

And this was just before my 2 trips to the grocery store for forgotten items.

Notice how you can still see the color of the fruit/veggie.

And 3 hours later, this is what I had....

And then...9 and 1/2 pints later.

But that's not all boys and girls! Remember those zucchini that I didn't know what to do with? This was a big hit with me and Techy.

Wait! How did he get here!?

Sorry about that! I don't know how that happened....

Anyway, then somehow this happened....zucchini bread? With apples. Mm, mm good.

And then from out of nowhere, this happened.

And Techy said, I can't wait will we have pictures in those.

Ahh, men.

1 comment:

tracey sweet said...

ok.... if they are your pickles i will pay you for them!!! love me some homemade pickles, & since we have stop doing them for yrs i miss those little buggers...
second of all your zucchini, looked like my squash last night.. stuffed it to the brim with tomatoes, corn, onions, then topped with 3 different cheeses!! yum!!! :)
ill take some bread too if you are making it... hahaha!!! :)
love ya leah...its been awhile since ive been on your crack me up!! :)