Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What’s the one thing that can make Techy cranky?

Last Friday night we had a huge thunderstorm. Right around 2 am our pitch black bedroom was bright as daylight for a split second and the first crash of thunder shook through our home. Little Man slept right through it, but Techy and I both jumped out of bed horrified at the sound. And then we both listened to the quiet.

Techy makes a lot of fun of me, but I like to sleep in the cold – I keep our AC ridiculously low. And it kicks on constantly all night long making all kinds of noise. Quiet is not a sound we want to hear in our house.

Within seconds, Techy was in the basement checking on his Emergency Watchdog. And I was fussing around praying that the power would come back on before it got too hot upstairs.

But soon enough we were back to sleep.

When I woke up, the power was back on.

Little did we know….

Later when I went to turn on Little Man’s new craze, “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, nothing happened. And then Techy went to check his email. Nada.

After a call to Verizon, Techy was just sure he had it up and running, but ten minutes later, it went out again. And again, and again, and again.

After another call to Verizon, they were scheduled to come out today to fix it, but due to a conflict in my schedule, we had to move it to Thursday.

Wanna know what makes Techy cranky? 4.5 days without being able to get his Tech on at home. That’s what makes Techy cranky.

Pray for me.

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ceejus said...

man, i am SO glad i don't live at your house right now...