Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Dream Come True

Or "I heart Craigslist"

I held myself back all day yesterday from posting this post. I didn't want to get the cart before the horse, as my pappaw used to say.

Here's how the story goes. Two years ago when we were preparing to move into our house, back when we thought we were going to have 10 grand to settle into our house with, I was a furniture shopping queen.

But the best laid plans....

That just didn't happen. We moved in our house with no extra money, and having to pull a couple grand out of our savings account. Leaving us with no money for furniture.

And I became the Craigslist queen.

To this day, there are only 2 pieces of furniture in our house that we purchased new.

Because of the odd shape of my dining room, I desperately wanted a square dining room table. But I was stuck with this old hand-me-down that we had received from someone when we moved into our first home.

But because of the drop leaf design on the table, none of the legs were far enough apart to fit extra chairs at each side.

Meaning that we could fit no more than 4 people at the table.

And I dreamed of a table - any table that would fit allow more than one chair at each side, but I coveted that square table. And we looked everywhere for one. They were few and far between and usually only bar height, which I didn't really want for my dining room. We found one that we liked ok, but it was almost $900 for the set.

But I am a firm believer that you can find anything on Craigslist in the price range you want if you wait long enough. So I waited and I prayed.

And then I found this beauty. Just what my heart desired.

And $50 and a trip to Dover, this beauty is now sitting in my dining room.

The only thing that makes it better...

This $40 Craigslist bench that perfectly matches my table and chairs.

Dining room set Total $90. 10% of what I intended to spend. I love a good deal!

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