Friday, July 23, 2010

Toe Woes

I have spent alot of time talking about my physical appearance lately. But I finally found one portion of my body that I haven't complained about within the last 6 months.

And obviously, your life wouldn't be complete without my complaining about it....

And I am guessing that you already know which portion since the title kinda gives it away.

This is the way my toes look right now.

And this is the way my toes have looked since approximately the 2nd week in February.

And we are going into the last week of July....

A little overdue on a pedicure, huh?

I didn't even paint them for vacation. Or on vacation.

I am so ashamed of how far I have let myself go. Between the chub, my bad hair and my untouched toes, I am feeling so sorry for my hubby. Next thing you know, I will be that wife who sits around in sweats. Oh wait, I already am that wife!

Darn it!

Ok, I gotta go find something pretty to wear and make myself feel pretty.

Haha, as if that will happen. It's 10:15 and already way past my bedtime. Maybe tomorrow I will get back on the vanity bandwagon.

Night ya'll!

1 comment:

ceejus said...

i completely ignore my feet. i've never been a fan, and i'm terrified of what pregnancy will do to them.