Friday, July 9, 2010

Almost in a pickle

So...the pickling plan.

The recipe calls for Pickling Lime.

Welcome to Delaware, the land where apparently NO ONE CANS. I drove to 3 different stores with no luck in finding Pickling Lime. And when I asked customer service, all I got was empty stares and, "I've never even heard of that."
Which was somewhat devistating considering I am making Sweet LIME Pickles.

And then I decided to drive over the line into Maryland. Because maybe it's a southern thing. And they do things a little more Southern over there...maybe they are more apt to have Pickling Lime.

I walked into Food Lion, praying that I was correct in my assumption.

And don't you know...there in the spice aisle...

I almost burst into tears! Pretty sure I shouted, "Praise JESUS"...

Luckily, I was in Maryland, so not even one person stopped to look at me.

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