Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reader's Digest

So, remember way back when I posted about my lack of initiative to read educational books?

Well, apparently, that only pertains to books that are written in an educational manner. Meaning, I finally started Jillian's "Master your Metabolism". And I am hooked. Like I couldn't put it down last night. Rather than being an educational read, she wrote it conversationally - like she is talking to you.

I know, weird, right? I think so too. But I was on the edge of my seat, or my elliptical or whatever.

But she said something that hit me square in the face. Something that I practically SPELLED out here yesterday. She said for a really long time she spent all of her time and all of her energy on being skinny and in the quest of being skinny. She put body through the ringer with every diet she could find and the most rigorous exercise routines ever. But eventually she realized that being skinny isn't the prize. You can be skinny and still be unhealthy. The goal is being healthy.

And the heavens opened, and I heard angels singing.

I can't wait to see what she says next.

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Anonymous said...

let me know.... im on the edge of my seat....