Friday, July 9, 2010

Latest and Greatest

Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but thanks to my blog buddy, Ceej, I welcomed a wide variety of free veggies into my home this week. And just in case you are wondering what I am doing with them, I decided to blog about it.

We have already eated half the head of cabbage. I sautéed it with turkey sausage and Rotel Tomatoes and a little bit of Old Bay for kicks and giggles. MMMMMM….Who knew cabbage was so delicious?

But now on to the cucumbers.

I have decided to pickle them. Yummy. Nothing is quite so good as my Nanny’s Lime Pickles, and the thought that I could actually make them in my own home makes me almost euphoric.

I started this morning....

Look at those babies.

And they are even prettier chopped up.

Wait, did someone say "Pickles"?!

And poor Gizmo has to wait for his turn when Pickles is around....

But back to the veggies at hand.... I did some searching and it looks like you can pickle white cucumbers, as well. So I am going to try my hand with them.

And they are almost as pretty, don't you think?

Now, on to the bigger stuff. But that's obviously a weekend project. So until then.

In the meantime, what on earth should I do with these babies? Any ideas?

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