Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everything but the kitchen sink...

Wanna know another scary secret about me?

I am a messy clutter-bug. It’s a lot like a cotton-headed ninny-muggins only different. And really, I don’t know how it happens. But it does. I think the fact that I collect things may contribute to the problem, but I haven’t had time to verify.

Really, though. I clean out my closet and a week later, there are shoes all over the floor, clothes falling off hangers, and a lot of clothes not even in my closet anymore. And I am usually so good about hanging up my clothes, that I really don’t know how that happens unless there is a messy fairy in my closet. In which case I would rather have no fairy at all than a messy one!

And our bed? I never take the time to make our bed, partially because Techy is usually in it when I decide to make it, and partially because, what’s the use, really? (I feel somewhat justified in this, though, thanks to a certain post I read this morning….)

My house (other than my bedroom) is usually ok. Not great, but ok. Thanks to the help of my handy dandy, amazing babysitters, it is currently sparkling. YAY!

That means the clutter is in hiding. And it’s hiding in my purse. I seriously don’t know how this happened. This purse is almost brand new. I have only had it for about a month.

And somehow it already looks like this

Among the contents are about one thousand million coupons, a sample pack of doggie treats, a box of medicine, an iPod charger, a pack of crackers, a magazine, a tee shirt (yes, one of mine…?), body wash (in case I need a shower on the go?), body lotion (after shower?), a pull up (my child wears diapers?), sunglasses, a pair of Techy’s contact lenses, and about 30 chap-sticks/lip glosses (another obsession of mine).

At least I am prepared for just about anything.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean on the purse thing---though I've never had a pull-up hanging out in my purse. When it gets really bad, I usually try to switch to a small handbag or something that won't allow for the mess. A couple weeks in I cave and return to my monster bag.

loved the reference to Elf. I heard it's coming to Broadway! You live closer, so you should go see it and tell me what you think! :)
-jenny s.

Leah said...

Oh geez. Elf in NY at Christmas time? Could my wishes get any bigger?