Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Memories of Us

Yesterday was Techy’s BFF’s 30th birthday party. At the beach. And clearly, we would never miss the party. But man was it hot. And crowded. And fun.

After having spent 4 years on the {once – yeah, thanks, BP} gorgeous, white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast, I am what some {that means you, BFF} would call a “Beach Snob”. Meaning I do not have a healthy appreciation for the crowded, hot, and dirty Delaware/New Jersey beaches. I don’t like to swim in water when you can’t see what’s swimming under your feet. I don’t like to fight with the crowds for my 10 x 10 space of beach. But this trip was different.

Yesterday was hot. Scorching, really.

And there were plenty of grandmommy’s around to play with babies.

And it was Techy’s BFF’s birthday party.

And did I mention it was hot?

So, I took complete advantage of the opportunity to not have to worry about a baby for a few minutes and jumped in the ice cold Delaware ocean. We goofed around, we rode waves, Techy swam like a fish, I bobbed, our friend Joe got “bit” by a crab – multiple times if you believe him – and our friend, Kyle experienced swimming in the ocean for the first time in his life.

And at some point, I just stopped. To enjoy. The sound of waves hitting the shore. The sight of watching grown men play in the waves like little boys. The sound of children squealing and running away from the waves just the way I did as a kid.

It’s times like these that make memories we will never forget. And I love to get all nostalgic like that!

But that’s not to say I am a Delaware beach convert…. Not by a long shot.

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