Friday, July 30, 2010

How much do you have to love someone….

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Tomorrow is a day we wait all year for. Tomorrow we are making our annual beach trek with our former neighbors. Last year was epic, and I am sure this year will be legendary.

Last years events involved Techy and Little Bill digging a 6 foot hole in the sand, the girls reading magazines, everyone but Little Bill and riding the waves, a school of dolphins swimming nearby, and a pregnant me walking up and down the beach to the port-o-potty.

Just so you understand, here are a few pics from last year's adventure:

About an hour into the dig

Bill and Michelle - the-best-neighbors-who-upgraded-to-friends in the whole wide world.

Techy and Little Bill about 3 hours in.

Lunch. Yum.

Me and Techy and New Moon - anything Twilight related became the inevitable 3rd party to all events last year.

Little Man - along for the ride. It's going to me much more difficult to keep him from getting burnt this year.

Techy in his element.
The Burris's taught us how to do it up right. When I say day at the beach, I mean FULL day at the beach. We hit it early and leave late. It’s hard core. Last year we headed down there at 6:30 in the morning.

But Techy just called me to say that this year we will be leaving at 6. Because he and Bill decided it would be a great idea to stop on the way for breakfast.

I think Techy forgot something.

You get it, right? I know you do, but I feel compelled to spell it out anyway.

On my one day off, I have to get up at 5 am to shower (because clearly, these legs can’t hit the beach with out a good shave!), get Little Man up (which is ridiculous! Who wakes a sleeping baby to go to the beach!?), and get Techy ready (which will consist of me for half an hour saying, “Honey, you really need to get up and shave. You are going to hate yourself if you have to shave a sunburn tomorrow.” And then 5 minutes before we HAVE to pull out of the driveway he will roll out of bed, shave, take a 30 second shower, and run out to the car while putting his bathing suit and flip flops on. You think I joke?)

But for some reason I said “Okay, honey. Whatever you want.”
Either I really love him or I am really stupid

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