Friday, July 23, 2010

Infomercial Mania

This morning, while feeding Little Man, I made the mistake of turning on the television. Which I had left on Bravo after yesterday's Reality TV Fest. Mistake #1.

Only to hear that some chick went from a size 14 to a size 4 in 6 weeks (or some non-sense) from doing the advertised workout video. (Ok, maybe not in 6 weeks, but still...)

And I am completely intrigued.

When they named the advertised video, I totally have it. I totally have done it. And I totally didn't lose any weight. That was in the period of getting back into the workout routine and gaining 10 lbs.

So, am I brave enough to try it again? I doubt it. Jillian's success rate is way higher. Think I will stick with her for now.

For the record, our weigh-in this week has been moved to Monday, and my goal is to be in the 160's. You know, like finally lighter than Techy. That means I have to seriously resist the food in my cabinets that will be calling my name all weekend. Including but not limited to the whole wheat zucchini bread and whole wheat pizza I made yesterday.

Geez. I am so intelligent.

(Please excuse my jumpiness in this post. Not sure if you can sense it or not, but I totally drank regular coffee this morning after not having had a cup of regular coffee in fingers are a little out of control.)

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~Melissa~ said...

It's okay!! It's still really fun to read! And about your exercises just stick with what you're doing--that TV show was probably lying anyways! I have gained a lot of weight since I moved to Virginia--and I blame it -all on Mimi's sweet tea:) lol And my lack of self-control when it comes to food:) And my lack of motivation to exercise!! But I will lose some weight some way I just have to get started!! And btw your son is sooo adorable!! And he is getting so big:)