Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top Ten Reasons it’s great to be married to Techy

1. He makes beautiful babies. Or babY, WHATEVER. Techy would have everyone possible know that he won a baby contest as a baby. Therefore, our baby should win a baby contest as well. (And he has entered him in every contest possible – shamelessly. Interested in voting for the most recent one? Go to the Gerber webpage and search for Connor in Newark and then vote) *shameless plug from Techy*
But all personal preferences aside, Little Man really is an adorable baby. And he looks just like his daddy. Therefore, Techy gets all the credit for the pretty baby. And I get credit for the greenhousing of the little guy.

2. He knows a lot about a lot.
Techy makes no bones about his immense knowledge base. As a kid, his favorite reading subjects were medical journals and weather journals. When he was in the 2nd grade he wrote a program on his classroom’s computer to lock out all the other kids, leaving him as the only one with access to play on it.
Which leads me to #3.

3. He’s handy with computers.
Techy is one of the handiest computer goo-roo’s I know. Really. But then again, I don’t know that many. He, he. No really, I count myself lucky to have my own computer technician living right at home with me. It’s quite convenient, actually.
He’s actually made a living playing with computers for about 5 years now. And you know what? He LOVES his job. I have never seen anyone so in love with their job. Leading me to number 4.

4. He’s a very hard working guy.
Techy has always said that when it comes to providing for our family, he would rather go work in a grocery store bagging groceries than make us do without. And believe me, we have gotten close a time or two. Our first year of marriage he worked at Arby’s when they needed him to pull a shift or 2.
And let’s not even talk about his 2nd job or his 3rd job , or as he calls them – his moneymaking hobbies. Leading me to number 5.

5. Techy is very frugal.
I should really use the term “tight-wad” but that really doesn’t sound nice, and since I am clearly trying to brag on my hubby, doesn’t fit the bill today. He has never been the type of guy who just goes on random spending sprees for “me” items. His money is our money and we share and share alike. He saves up for things he wants. But he isn’t so tight that he won’t spend some money on a memorable experience. For instance, last year’s cruise to the Bahama’s. We saved our money and we spent a good chunk of it on that trip. Was it worth it? Definitely. Does he regret spending the money? Not even one minute.

6. Techy is sweet.
As in sappy sweet. Snuggly. The type of guy that any girl wants. He says sweet things just because he knows I want to hear them. He loves to talk to me and he loves for me to talk to him. To be honest, he is way more romantic than I will ever be.

7. Techy is a great father.
I think I have said before how nervous I was about Techy as a dad. Not for any other reason than I had never been around Techy with kids. But then my sister had a baby. And then his sister had a baby. And it became clear that the only thing more that Techy really wanted was a baby. So we took the plunge…. And I have never seen Techy more in love than he is with this little guy. It’s amazing really. When he comes in at night, all he wants is to be with Little Man and I. It’s almost comical. “Look, we’re a family…” If I have heard him say it once I have heard him say it a thousand times. Remember the sappiness?

8. Techy is my best friend.
I always think it’s funny to hear people say that their best friend is their spouse. But in our case, we really are best friends. There is no one I would rather hang out with than my husband. We have fun together. We laugh together. We talk, we play, we daydream, we read each other’s thoughts….

9. Techy hates to argue.
Rain or shine, Techy craves peace. He is a peacemaker by nature. At times, this is a thorn in my flesh, because I really need/want him to argue back. And instead I just end up screaming at the covers he has pulled over his head.
No really. Almost every big argument we have ever been in has ended with the words, “I’m sleepy”, as he runs to get in bed and pull the covers over his head.
Leading me to number 10.

10. Techy is very forgiving.
But usually only because he is very forgetful. However, on the occasions where I end up yelling at the covers over his head, he wakes up the next morning with completely no recollection of our argument. We joke about it. He is never mad about our arguments because he rarely, if ever, remembers them.
And if he does remember an argument, he would much rather have peace than argue. So he always just sets aside the differences and works for a compromise to make everyone happy.

All that to say, I am one lucky girl.

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