Thursday, July 15, 2010

Puppy Paradise

Ok, people. Techy and I have a king size bed. I think I have told you that a time or 2. Because I hate to be touched while I am sleeping, right? Ok, so.

We also have a 19 pound puppy, Gizmo. Who most of you know and love.

And last week, his girlfriend, Pickles spent the week with us. Actually 12 days.

Pickles is a 45 lb. Bassett Hound who likes to nap and take long, slow walks on the beach.

And Gizmo is a 19 lb. Cockapoo who likes to chase squirrels in the trees and likes to "hug" Pickles ALOT.

Everytime Pickles is over, Gizmo "hugs"* her like crazy. To the point that Pickles expects it. Last fall, we were over at Pickles' parents house for dinner with another girlfriend and her dogs and Pickles kept sticking her rear end in their faces for the hugs. It's a little bizarre really.

Anyway, every single night last week, Pickles - all 45 lbs. of her - would sit at the end of my bed whining up at Gizmo until one of us picked her up and put her on the bed. And then she would promptly crawl over to my pillow where she would stay until I pushed her out of the way.** Then she would cuddle up to my legs and stay there until 5 or 6 am when Gizmo decided it was awake time.

Again, a little strange, right?

Needless to say, I assumed that this week with Pickles home, I would regain my side of the bed and my comfortable - not touching anyone - sleep patterns.

Not so.

You see apparently, Gizmo and his 19 lbs, have decided that he has every right to half of the bed and Techy and I should be squeezed into the other half.

After several days of this, I cracked. At 2 am, I woke Techy up and demanded he scoot the enormous 19 lb. dog over to an appropriate place and let me get some comfortable rest.

And then I have to think, man, Gizmo has it made. I feed him, I give him a yard to roam in with squirrels to chase, I occassionally bring home his girlfriend and let him "hug" her for several hours at a time, and I give him half of my comfy, king sized bed to sleep in.

He's gotta know he has it made!

*Hugging does not actually involve real doggie lovemaking since Gizmo and Pickles can't seem to line up properly. But that doesn't mean Gizmo won't give it his best try every time he sees her.

**Pushing Pickles out of the way is not at all an easy task. Especially when she doesn't want to be moved. It's like trying to scoot a cinderblock across your bed. The only real way to make it happen is to flip it a couple times.

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