Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Honest Opinion: Our Perfect Imperfect Home

Our Georgia home is anything but perfect.

I mean...

It's ORANGE....

And it's can be kinda hard to find....

But on the upside...Techy loves all the privacy...but seriously.

All the naked time is starting to get to me.

And the deck is kinda oddly placed on the side of the house rather than on the BACK of the house facing our lake.

And the dining room chandelier is older than I am.

But people...


I know.

All you see is the orange wall.

But what I saw was gorgeous plank ceilings...

And the mantel that I have waited FOREVER for....

And then I walked into the kitchen...
(don't mind my mess...I am still in the process of cleaning up Christmas chaos)

And yes.

The kitchen is most definitely tan on tan on tan with a black stove thrown in the middle of it.


There is so much space.

And so much food prep space.

Someone really thought that out.

Like way more than a fake dead girlfriend...

And then when I realized that I could stand at that cabinet and look out at the lake...

I didn't even have to see the rest of the house to know that I could live here.


Nevermind the fact that it was on almost 3 acres of land.

Or that yes, we own 1/4 of the lake in our back yard.

Or that it is one of like 2% of houses in Georgia with a basement.

I don't understand that at all, people.

No one here has basements!!!


WHERE do you put your STUFFFFFF?

And seriously, haven't you seen Wizard of Oz.

Where do you go????

(Sidenote: tornado's are like my biggest fear.  Right next to that alien from the Flintstones - what is creepier than aliens invading prehistoria - and a mullet-comeback....  Terror, people, TERROR.)

But yeah, the icing on the cake was the bathroom.

Ok, so I'll admit the wall paper is HIDEOUS

But the bathtub...



This is my own personal heaven.

Makes sense, right???

Now, when are you coming to visit me??

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