Monday, January 21, 2013

Fitness Friday: The Monday Version

Wow.  That was lame of me.

I totally skipped posting on Friday and the only excuse I have is laundry.


I think I have crossed a line.

Laundry just became an excuse....

Would it help if I said I actually did 6 loads of laundry on Friday?

Wait.  That was Saturday.


What DID I do on Friday?

Oh. Right.

Grocery shopping.  Price Matching.

Another post for another day.

Be excited.

After all, I saved over $100 on my groceries on Friday.

Now back to my fitness.

Or lack thereof...

Because I haven't lost an ounce since the week before Christmas.

Correction: I was down .2 during that miserable cleanse, but then I gained it back.

This is not looking to be a good omen for having the weight off by Baby Girl's birthday.

It is, however, doing amazing things for my initiative to run.

If you followed my weight loss journey after Little Man, you probably aren't surprised.

I hit the same plateau last time, and it wasn't until I started running that the rest of the weight came off.

So here's where I'm at these days.

I am up .4 from my lowest point this time around.

And still 8.4 from my goal/pre-prego weight of 137.

And this weekend, I took that especially hard.

But I'm also PMSing.

So lest you think I am completely down on myself over what is essentially "just a number" this is just a bad week for me to have gained weight.

Techy kindly reminded me that it could also be a reason for my weight gain....

Thanks, honey, I'll be sure to remind you of that next time you PMS.  It totally helps.

(So.much.sarcasm. So.much.eyerolling)

I know, I know.

There's always an upside....

After all, I'm sure that's just muscle...muscle weighs more than fat.

And if it's not muscle, surely it's just water weight....

And if that's not the case, I'm sure it's got something to do with not changing up my workout enough over the last few weeks.

(Just so you know, I added the elliptical back in after almost 3 months off of it, not to mention I started running again for the first time since October...)

But the truth of the matter is that it's been 5 weeks of not losing weight and I am cranky and frustrated.

I don't hate myself.

But I am extremely frustrated with the plateau.

Does that mean that I see Gilbert Grape's momma when I look in the mirror?

Heck, no!

Does it mean, I think I am a lousy human being whose life is defined by the number on that scale?


But it is frustrating.

No one is going to look at me, right now, and think, "She's a chubby girl."

I'm pretty much out of the fat zone.

But I am not where I want to be.

And I don't think there is anything wrong with being dissatisfied with that.

After all, that is what challenge is all about right.

And I'm here to keep it real.

Because I want any of you who are on the same wagon to know that this is life.

This is real.

It's frustrating.

And sometimes unsuccessful.

But I've made alot of progress over the last year.

33.6 lbs of progress.

And it was an EXTREMELY STRESSFUL year.

And I have the rest of my life to lose 8 lbs.

But for those of you who wondered what 145.4 lbs looks like, here ya go:

It's not perfect, but it's a heck of alot better.

And that's something to be very thankful for!

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