Friday, January 11, 2013

Fitness Friday: To Catch You Up

It's been more than 35 weeks (tomorrow will make 36...) of dieting and exercising to try to get this baby weight off.

And my last post about it was 18 weeks ago. (Which, by the way, I just realized someone had commented on and I just read it for the first time.  It almost made me cry!  Thank you, commentor!!!)

Apparently, 18 weeks ago, I was weighing in at 154.2.

And over the last 18 weeks, I have run, biked, strength trained and dieted my way down another 9 lbs.

I did the cleanse last week in hopes of shedding some quick pounds, but that didn't really work out as planned....

So now, I'm left with 4 weeks to lose 7 lbs.

Talk about depressing.

For someone who hasn't lost more than a lb a week in over a month, it's probably time to be realistic, but I'm always hopeful.

But at this point, to hit my goal, I'd have to lose 2 lbs a week for the next 4 weeks.

And that might be a little impractical.

Not to say that I'm not going to give it all I've got for the next 4 weeks.

And in the meantime, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

Wish me luck!

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