Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recent Reads: Delirium

As we all know, my obsession with good reads is pretty far reaching.

If it gets good reviews, I'm typically in.

So, when I first heard about Delirium, I knew it was a read I wanted in my hands.

Like yesterday.

On her website, Lauren Oliver has a tag line that says it all:

"Before Scientists found the cure, people thought love was a good thing."

And if that doesn't pull you in, well, then...





And then read it again.


Here.  Buy it here for your Kindle. And here for your Nook.

Because, PEOPLE.

I want to talk about this book.

In graphic detail.

I want to talk about Hanna.

I want to talk about Lena.

And I want to talk about Alex.

Oooooooh, Alex....

Ok, so if you know anything about my taste in books, you know how much I LOVE dystopian fictions.

I love the general idea that freedom can overcome oppression.

And this is yet another book where that is the theme.

And it will blow your mind.

The fact that the world could be indoctrinated to believe that love is a disease - nay, THE GREATEST DISEASE - is absurd....  Appalling, even.

And yet, Oliver rationalizes it in these books in a way that makes you second guess yourself.

But at your core, is the knowledge that robbing someone of the  the freedom to love with complete justification is simply...disturbing.

And automatically makes you want to fight for Lena and Hana and any/all future generations.

I automatically felt a kinship with the characters.

Felt drawn to them.

Felt compassion for their plights and sympathetic to their fights.

And the fact that I fell in literary love with Alex "at first sight" is pretty much undeniable.

Have you started reading it yet?

I will warn you, you will have your heart broken.

And then put back together, and then broken - lather, rinse, repeat.

This is another book that is well worth your time.

And, as is the thing these days, it is one of a series of books.

And the second book - Pandemonium is every bit as good.

I personally liked Pandemonium better than Delirium.

The story is much more intense, even if it is a little harder to follow.

Book 3 is scheduled to hit the shelves sometime this spring. (please, please, please Ms. Oliver, hurry up.  I am chewing my nails off to find out what happens to my favorite characters in book 3...don't make me wait too much longer, please????)

So, yeah, excellent books?


Exciting read?

Mmm Hmmm.


Just Slightly.

Now get to reading!!!

Post Script:  If you have read these books and you haven't read the e-books Hana and Annabel, Don't miss them!  Worth every penny!

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