Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Helpful How-To: Creating a Mood Board

Would it be too much of an assumption to think that you saw my post about Little Man's Big Boy Room???

You know what they say about assuming....

And I'd never want to do that....

So, if you haven't, go ahead.  Click on over.  I'll wait.

And try to be impressed, despite the misalignment.

I haven't had much patience with my blog this week.

And apparently posting straight from the site I used to design the mood board, really screwed up the alignment, and I haven't had time to straighten it out.

Pun totally intended.

But for those of you who are wondering how I did that, let me tell you.

It's super easy.


I've used it on and off for a few years, but a few weeks/months ago when one of my favorite bloggers posted a 4 part tutorial series on using Polyvore for mood boards, I knew I was going to be making my way back over.

And as soon as I had the chance, Little Man's room design happened.

And since I love to share the wealth, and I know you have been wringing your hands in wonder to know how to make your very own mood board, let me make this easy on the both of us.

I refuse to recreate the wheel.

And as much as I would LOVE to take credit for it, since I love nothing  more than getting all the credit and all the acclaim, this is a big step....

Here is the link to House*Tweaking's 4 part tutorial on how to create mood boards using Polyvore.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

I hope you learn as much from her posts as I have!

Now, get to it!!!

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