Friday, January 25, 2013

Fitness Friday: Week 38

So this week I went to the doctor.

Because, you know, I could.

My last physical was about 8 months after I had Little Man.

I figured it was about time for another check in on you know, the inner workings of my body.

And let me tell you people, I had the most delightful thing happen.

My nurse mis-weighed me.

As we all know, I weighed in at 145.4 lbs just a few days ago.

But when the nurse tried to weigh me, she couldn't figure out what was up and what was down.

I could tell by the weight on scale that I should have been weighing in at around 149.

But she, you know, couldn't.

(raise your eyebrows with me....  I forgave her, though, when I figured out she was not a nurse...just a tech in training....  Blessyerheart....)

Of course, that was with all my clothes on and about a half gallon of water floating around my midsection...

But for some reason, she read it at 142.

And then wrote down 132.

Which seriously is the best and worst thing that can ever happen to you when you weigh 145.4.

It goes a little something like this - doctor comes in the room, reviews chart, says, "Wow, you are like the picture perfect patient!  And your weight is absolutely perfect!  Great job!"

And then you go, "Thanks, thanks, I've been working really hard.  You may be my favorite person ever..."

Blubber, blubber, blubber....

To which the doctor replies, "Well, I mean, 132 is amazing for having had 2 babies!"

To which you (glumly) reply, "Oh...erm, no, I'm not 132.  I think she meant to write 142."

But it's more like 147...

Of course, I didn't say that part...


I didn't want to crush her dreams of having a near perfect patient.

Doctor: "Well, 142 isn't so bad either!  You're in great shape and you're doing all the right things..."

Me (embarrassed): "Well, I'm trying, but I seem to be stuck...."

Doctor (embarrassed):  "Oh.  That's...hmmm.  Well, that's normal.  And we will check your thyroid today, just to make sure we don't need to adjust anything...."

And I wish that were the most embarrassing moment while there.

But alas, my life would never be complete without embarrassing moments to make you people happy.

Things like walking in to another patient's exam when you think you are walking into the waiting room.

Things like saying humiliating things about what you consider to be abnormal body parts.

And then realize the doctor doesn't think that's abnormal at all.

Or you know, has never heard of anything like that before and doesn't know what to say....

But, all in all, another week is down, and another weigh-in is behind me....

And here's where it shakes out:

Down .6 from last week's weigh in

And .2 from my lowest weight this time around.

Overall, I am down 34.2 lbs from my starting point of 179.

That's only 7.8 lbs from my pre-preggo goal weight.

Maybe I'll be there by my birthday, since it won't be by Baby Girl's birthday, which is a scant 2 weeks away.


Now, pardon me while I go binge on salad in celebration of that .6 lbs.


Momma just got closer to her goal.

Can't give up now!


April said...

Oh my word, I am STUCK at 153. I saw 151 for like two days in the fall, but then Christmas cookies came and now I'm 153 again and now moving anywhere I've been half-heartedly doing Insanity for two weeks, but that made me go up to 156, so I gave up weighing except for today. And I honestly thought it was going to say 149, but it didn't and I was depressed. WHAAAAAA!!!! WHEN WILL I BE SKINNY AGAIN!!!!

April said...

April acker ^ since I now see my name nowhere