Monday, February 7, 2011

The Fan Fan

As almost all of us, or at least those of us who were not sleeping under a rock are aware, the big day is finally over....

Typically, this has never mattered at my house.

Um, hello, remember???

But this year, it means something all together wonderful.

For all of us.

Because a certain someone set a construction deadline for us.

Said deadline being set to begin immediately following the Super Bowl.

Not that I will be able to talk anyone into picking up anything reminiscent of a drill or scattering ANY sawdust until at least the weekend. 

However, prior to bringing the beautiful banquette project to Techy's attention, I spent alot of time contemplating and even building the argument for how I would convince him that this was our best option for the space.

And truthfully, I was a little disappointed when he caved so easily.  (Read: picked up his pom-poms and cheered with glee at the proposition....)

In true Leslie Knope* fashion, "I'm very glad that you agree with me, but I actually worked really hard on my argument. Is there any way I can still, kind of, yeah?"

So, since Techy agreed so quickly to the banquette idea, I had to come up with something to defend, right?

And I did.

You see, we have this ridiculous, never gets used, ridiculously placed ceiling fan (centered on the room people, not over the eating area...duh!!!) in our breakfast nook area.

And I, for one, see no need for it. 

Because 1.  I hate it.  and 2.  It's ugly.  And 3.  The lighting is all harsh and ugly.  And 4.  Did I mention it's ugly!?! 

I mean seriously, if I am going to make my breakfast nook all pretty, why would I leave that hideous fan NOT CENTERED over our eating area?

I mean, come on.

Does that make any sense.

So, here's the thing....

I have a great idea in mind.

I just have to talk Techy into it.

A.K.A. I am going to have to argue for it.

And I happen to know it's going to be one of those fight to the finish type things.

Because Techy is a big fan.

Get it?

I know.


But he loves that ugly old ceiling fan.

Guess I better start my prep work now...

Wish me luck!

(Dear World, I love Leslie Knope.  She reminds me of some people I know...  If you have never seen P&R, you are MISSING OUT!)

Yeah, I know.  You don't have to watch it all. 
I'm just a big fan.

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Ang said...

Leslie Knope runs a close second to Liz Lemon in my book :o)
Good luck on your fan debate!