Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's in a Name?

Apparently, alot. 

This is coming from someone who for years hated her name.

Because I went to a Christian school.

Where everyone knew the story of Jacob, Rachel & Leah.

I was often called names like "the ugly stepsister".

Yeah, good times.

During those early years I dreamed of having a beautiful name like Elizabeth, Jocelyn, or Macy. 

Anything not associated with being an ugly stepsister who no one wanted....

It only got better when in college I did a little research and discovered that the original Hebrew meaning of my name was "Wild Cow", later interpreted to "Cow-Eyed", later interpreted to "Sad-Eyed" and finally interpreted to just "Sad".


Thank you, mom....

Wild Cow and Sad....

Is it any wonder I adopted a handful nicknames along the way?

Yes, this post is a nickname post.

Because I have had some amazing nicknames.

And you deserve to laugh at me about it.

So here goes:

1.  Lolly.
This one goes way back.  One of my cousins couldn't manage to get out Leah, but Lolly came out just fine.  To be honest, my mom still calls me Lolly.  As does my aunt.  As does...ok, so no one else does...except maybe now a few people across the internet....  But still.  It's a good one.  My mind does wonder how Lolly is so much easier than Leah, but whatever.

2.  Le-Le.
Again, someone couldn't say my baby brother really struggled with getting Leah down.  This was also the brother whose first sentence was "I wanna fish" at like a year old.  So yeah, pretty much chalking that up to laziness on his part.  "Leah" is much easier than "I wanna fish" - like 2 whole syllables easier.

You should also know that for about 2-3 years, my mom stopped calling me Leah or Lolly for Le-Le.  Lucky for all of us, I was like 7 or 8 years old and didn't know enough to mind....

3.  Pookie, Pookle, Pook.
Most couples come up with romantic names for their spouses.  I.e., Honey, sweetheart, Mr./Mrs. Lover, etc. 
However, if you have learned nothing else from this blog, you have learned that we are a little different.... 

Like horse of a different color, different.

BTW: Does anyone know how they managed to change the horses color no less than six times?

I mean, really, were they just lightyears ahead did they actually dye 6 poor horses?

Which leads me to a different question, how big was that PAAS pellet? 

And how did they keep him from getting speckled?

Tell me I am not the only one suffering from speckled Easter egg syndrome?

Wow, can we say rabbit trail? 

(or bunny the EASTER BUNNY???  I could go on for days, people...DAYS)

Back to the nickname thing.... 

In my mind, Techy has become "Techy" and in his mind, I have become "Pook".  It started (I think) before we were even married.  And it started as Pookie.  Over time, someone got creative...and I became Pookle.  These days, he's just altogether foregoing the second syllable in general and has reduced it to "Pook".  Which is way more endearing than it sounds.

4. And finally...the build up to MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE NICKNAME OF ALL....

As if there were any doubt....

RULEBREAKER, of course!

Still no?

But I made this way cool logo....

You'll notice I didn't make a logo for any of my other way cool nicknames....

Still no?

Mmm kay, fine.

Doesn't mean I am not going to have this logo printed out and ironed on to as many tee shirts as I can find though.

Just try to stop me.

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Rachel said...

Funniest part of the nickname thing to me...I'm named after the other half of the Biblical warring-sister duo, but one of my more-commonly-used nicknames is also Pook. (Started with me calling my sis Sook, and the rest is history.) =)