Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: FINALLY

It's been a long time coming, people.

But this morning, magic happened on the scale and I hit the 130's.


That's down 1.2 from last week.

I think I high kicked for about 2 minutes straight while singing Mariah Carey's Hero this morning.

Not really sure.

It's still kinda a blur.

But trust me when I say it's a happy blur.

And yes.  That's still 2 lbs. away from pre-prego weight.

But who cares!

Back to high kicking ya'll!

1 comment:

emily said...

Yeah so happy for you. This is going to be a great motivational kick in the pants. Not that you already haven't be crazy motivated b/c I think we can all see that.