Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things You Missed

Because it's Tuesday after a holiday and a FOUR DAY WEEKEND....

I thought I might catch you up on some things you may have missed by my failure to post for 4 days straight.

1.  I hit the 130's!

For about 29 seconds.

On Friday.

And then I went away this weekend.

And ate.


And allowed SOMEONE to coerce me into an ice cream cone.

So yeah.  Due to THAT business, my weekly weigh-in is officially postponed until Saturday.

At least.

To allow for time to get the extra poundage off.

2.  I went away for the weekend.

To the mountains of Pennsylvania.

With 30 teenagers.

And a handful of "adults".

It was supposed to be "snow camp".

But then we had that lovely weather last week...

(By the way, did anyone else sit and ponder how large my calves are?  I mean, really, is there any reason my calves should be that large after running as much as I have????  I call it genetics, but who knows why they are that way....  A good solution may win you a prize....  If you consider a snickers bar out of my vending machine a prize....)

And really what was left was more ice than snow. 

From having melted and refrozen over itself a dozen times in a week.

And this old girl didn't need any drama on the ice this weekend.

Nevermind the wind....

(No, I cannot hide from the wind, even in the Poconos)

So, in nature of the weekend, I would rename it Big Mama's Camp.

Because we taught our teens to play Big Mama's House. 

And then played it about a dozen and a half times.

Special appearances were made by Big Mama herself, Obama, Tinkerbell, and Mojo-Jojo. 

Yep.  Incredible weekend.

3.  It is completely possible to hurt yourself on the icesnow without even trying.

 I submit to you exhibit A.

4.  Apparently, as per Techy, I don't know the difference between a number and a letter....

5.  It is possible to sleep less than 5 hours for two nights in a row and then run 6 1/2 miles.

Or 6.4, whatever.

Not even a bad pace after all was said and done.

Chalk it up to the fact that very rarely do I come home to a semi-clean house, with no Techy to worry about and no Little Man to feed. 

I took advantage of it.

And loved every single minute of it.

Never thought I would be saying those words!

6.  Driving for 3 hours to pick up Little Man, and then driving 3 more hours home leads to "Firework" about 12 different times on 6 different radio stations.  Ugh, am I sick of that song.

Again, never thought I would be saying those words.

7.  And finally, it is absolutely possible to score 2 $10 dresses, a $10 pea coat and a $6 fleece bathrobe at a President's Day Sale.

Thank you very much, Belk.

Who knew President's Day was so shopping-worthy!

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.

Battlescars and all....