Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Honest Opinion: Orange you Glad I Give Opinions?

I love, love, love fruit. 

Surprising, right?

A dieter finding solace in fruit?

Yes, I know.

Almost as rare as a vegan finding satisfaction in hummus. 

Or Carrie Bradshaw taking refuge in shoes....

So yeah.  A little unsurprising.

But I do.

And I happen to have a very strong liking for oranges....

Even more shocking, considering all that pulpy fiber goodness, right?

But here's a question for you, why on earth are there so many varieties?

Sending me to shop for oranges at my local grocery store is like sending Techy to shop for a pair of jeans in the Gap.


What size?

What color?

What style?!

So many to choose from.

The clementine.

The navel.

The tangerine.

The tangelo?!

The valencia.

The BLOOD!?!?!?!


For the sake of my sanity (and yours...) I am only going to comment on my most favorite and my least favorite.
Because, someday I may give you a quiz on how much you know about me, and this is sure to be a question on that quiz.
Not that anyone would ever take that quiz.
Or is even still reading this.
But in my mind, you would ALL be reading this and passing my "Quiz about Me" in flying colors. 
WITHOUT having to "cheat" by looking back at my blog.
Knowing things like my current weight, current running pace, current favorite fruit, and most embarrassing moment would be as important to your psyche as it is to mine.
Yes, sometimes I do see unicorns flying over rainbows, why do you ask???
Sorry.  Tangent.
Back to fruit.
Err, Oranges.
And my favorite.
My personal favorite is the clementine for its distinct lack of seeds and its concentrated deliciousness.

Not to mention it's distinct lack of calories.

Yes, my friends, the average clementine has approximately 55 calories.

(Don't you love how my approximations are so precise?  I am sooooo Type A....)

And I love the ones in the crate.

Not the bag.

The ones in the bag stink.

And mold really fast.

The ones in the crate are awesome.

And not just because of their cool crate. 

Although, I am envisioning a way awesome craft for a clementine crate.

Anyone have one on hand?

Am I talking too much?

Ok, I'll move on.

From my clementine love.

And crate obsession....

And tell you my least favorite orange.

Most definitely, The NAVEL.


Annoyance that it is.

I mean seriously, you lose like 1/4 of the orange to the stupid navel.


And seriously, there isn't much I hate more than waste.

Except maybe a pantiliner gone awry.

But that's a story for another day.

All that discreet leg crossing to try to get comfortable....

So yeah.

Time for a recap.

I am on a diet.

And enjoy fruit.

Specifically oranges.

Of which the clementine is my fave.

And the navel is my least fave.

Falling just above free flying pantiliners on my list of annoyances.

Feel better about your day, now?

I know I do!

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Erin said...

Although you can't make this with a clementine crate (they're my favorite oranges too!), I thought this was right up your alley.

Kait said...

LOL! Looveee your orange post. I still enjoy my navels, but I do see your point in wasted space in them lol! I never noticed that before! Now I'm craving an orange...

Renee Ann said...

Fun post! I'm visiting from the Weekend Bloggy Reading hop. Blessings!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

LOL about the pantyliner. ;) I like the taste of the navel oranges, but not the waste. Thanks for sharing! :)

Dawn said...

my girls would be right there with you on the clementines but i'll go with the navel-one of my favorite things about winter is that it's orange season! love them! cute post-love the panty liner line-so true!!

Holly said...

I love clementines too, although I do find that sometimes the whole crateful is out-of-this world delicious, and sometimes you just get a crate of duds with no flavor. But I guess that's a possibility with any fruit.
Try juicing those navels...yum!
I'm glad you found me via Serenity Now. Thanks for stopping by!

Holly said...

Oh, also meant to show you this footstool made out of a clementine crate!