Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Poof

You've seen it everywhere.

The infamous "Poof".

And no, I am not talking about a come back of MC Hammer pants.


Could be a good look for me, right?

Nah, not talking about that poof...

More like this one...

I've been sporting it longer than it was popular.

And by "sporting it", I of course mean using the poof to NOT FIX my hair everyday.

And luckily, a handful of celebrities came along to make it look cool.

And then brides started picking it it was stylish or something....

And then someone let Snooki take it to all kinds of wrong places. 

Undaunted, I continue to perfect my own personal poof.

And then someone dared to ask me how I do it.

And we all know what happens when anyone asks me HOW to do something, right?

So without further ado....

Step 1.  Don your favorite bathrobe and grab your roundest hairbrush. 

And a hair dryer.

Note: It usually works better if you put your cell phone down and pick up the hair dryer to dry your bangs.

Step 2. Dry Bangs.

Note: I couldn't figure out a way to take a picture of myself holding an hairbrush and drying my bangs at the same time, and let's just say you wouldn't want Techy taking the picture this early in the morning, as there is a distinct possibility it would have ended up a little like that ebay table picture thing. 

If you don't know, don't ask.

Step 3. Fluff dry bangs back over head.

Note: For best effects, begin channeling Don King for the most volume your hair has ever seen.  Ever.

Step 4. Pull bangs back, pinch and twist. 

Note: the pinch and twist is PIVOTAL to a good poof.  Otherwise, it will fall flat.  This was a problem I had ALOT in the early days.

Also, dry bangs pinch and twist WAY BETTER than wet bangs.  (That's what she said...)


So sorry.

Step 5.  Clip. 

I prefer an overlapping double clip. 

And there you have it.

Blow dry, fluff, pinch, and twist.

As an aside, there is no need to ridicule me for my old lady robe or my ridiculous bathroom.  Just consider yourself on the inner circle now.  And people in the inner circle don't make fun.

Just so you know.


Kait said...

hahahahhahah!! best.tutorial.ever!

i never tried poofing in my bathrobe, maybe that's where i went wrong! heheh! mine always has flyaways galore. attemping to follow your tutorial next time i poof! :):):)

p.s. thank you (& techy) for not ebay tabling us. hahah!

Carrie said...

Loved it!!

I couldn't help but thinking...I know you are a few (4 right?) pounds away from your goal weight...but girl, you look good! So skinny...even in a robe! Way to go!!!

Ang said...

I've been known lately to do the poof...but it often reminds me of all the women on the Big Love compound...

Cortney said...

Very nice. I tried the poof a few weeks ago and forgot the twist...and it fell flat. I'll have to attempt it again. Thanks!