Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helpful How-To: Finding Motivation

You guys can all say a thank you to loyal reader, Kait, who asks, "how do you find the motivation to work out? cuzzz going home and eating handfuls of cookies sounds way more appealing to me right now".

Um, first of all, Thankyouverymuchkait.  Now I want cookies too.

And I totally blame you.

Most especially for planting that sinful notion of Subway's new strawberry cheesecake cookie. 

And now we are all in a love-hate relationship with Kait.

Moving quickly as possible...

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE cheesecake?

And how I love to break my own rules?

Especially those about not eating cookies on a school night?

Or even better, the new one I just made up about not buying cookies from Subway. 

Just so I could break it.

That's right.

The Rulebreaker's back at it!

Are you convinced yet?


Ok, well, back to the question....


At the end of a long day....

When cookies are right there....

Well, my friends, I submit to you Exhibit A.

The itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, polka dot bikini.

For the record, I WILL NOT be sporting a bikini this year, due to the fact that I have enough stretchy skin on my stomach to create my own pouch and rent out the space to the nearest Joey....

Just saying.

However, Summer time is coming....

And my in-laws just got one of these....

Meaning that my husband will soon be sprouting gills and fins....

And I will be spending alot of time in my bathing suit.

Therefore, I will be working out tonight.

Hello, motivation!

Now on to Exhibit B....

Stop looking at me like I have 16 heads and 2 toes.

Yes.  That's a portable dvd player. 

And yes, it's a motivation tactic.

Or rather, a means to doing something you hate while doing something you love.

I love to spend time with my hubby during the evenings, watching tv and the like.

And I may have been known to squeeze in a workout or two while doing so.

By using a handy dandy portable dvd player.

It's surprisingly simple to follow the sequence of a workout on a portable dvd player even with no sound, if you are already familiar with it.

Allowing you to do your workout and watch tv or random Flashmobs on YouTube with your lover to your hearts content.

Who's ready to workout?!

Still no?


On to Exhibit C....

Get a partner.

Studies show that people who workout together stick with it longer.

Case in point, remember me talking about someone getting into the 120's this week?

Chances are, I am going to pick up my pace a little bit and push myself a little bit harder to help narrow that gap.

To think of it another way, my friend, Kait goes to Zumba every week. 

She has buddies in Zumba.

And if she isn't gonna be in class, she knows she's gonna hear about it.

I know it's silly, but it's motivation people! 

And motivation is what we're all about, right?!

Or not.


Now on to my favorite!

Exhibit 4.

Did I mention it was my fave?


I know that if I workout tonight, I will sleep better tonight.

And then my morning will be just that much easier.

And I am all about making my mornings easy. 

Can I get an Amen?!

Seriously, though, studies show that regular exercise is linked to more restful sleep

Now for those of you who are asking, "Leah, will this help keep me from spending all my vending machine money on 5 hour energy just to keep my eyes open through that 2 o'clock slump?"

My answer is, "Maybe!", "Can't hurt!" and "Can I borrow some of your vending machine money?  I really want a Subway cookie...."

And that should be good enough for you.

Just because I said so!

Also, I really could use $1.25 for a cookie....


Awright, fine....


Jackie said...

Speaking of breaking rules..I have been on weight watchers since July and have lost 42 pounds. WW is sooo big into writing everything down and adding ALL your points. BUT every day I eat one piece of chocolate and do NOT write it down and do NOT count it in my points.
My little rebellion everyday is one of the reasons I have been able to stay on this for 8 months.
I blame this attitude and disreguard for rules as a direct result of a childhood being forced to wear culottes. :)

Kait said...

just stopping by this one again to stare at the delicious looking cookie picture! thanks for the advise, i've totally been trying to do the sleep thing, you know the whole catching up on it thing! hahah! i wish i could watch my shows while on the treadmill but i'm stuck with whatevers on tv when i'm at the gym. boo!

(and i'm pretty sure that bikini picture ALMOST kept me away from the cookies tonight....almost..)