Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Tub Dump

Allow me to set the scene for you....

My adorable baby boy was playing in the tub.

My sweet, adorable baby boy.

I had just finished washing his hair, his ears, his eyebrows, his arms and little hands, his back, his bottom, his legs, and his adorable little toes and he was playing.

He loves the water.

I decided to let him play.

I am a good mommy like that. 

And I decided to take a video for my mom.

Because she loves my kid so good.

And because he is so stinking adorable in the tub.

Have I set the stage for you?

But then...something goes wrong....

Um. Did you see that?

About halfway through the taking of this video, I realized something strange was going on.

The kid was grunting alot more than normal.

And then, there it was.

I was obviously a little frantic about it, but when I watched the video and realized I captured THAT, I nearly cried from laughing so hard.

Here's hoping you do the same.

P.s.  In 20 years, this post will magically disappear because I want no evidence going to Oprah's couch about how I have scarred my child with his first tub pooping experience.


Cortney said...

It was funny as heck when you told me this earlier but it's 100x's funnier now that you took a video! Hahahaha!

Kait said...

HAHAHHAH!I'm pretty sure this is first girlfriend movie night material....

Ang said...

That is so completely awesome that you caught that on camera...
You've got to hang on to that, it is most definitely good for bribery in the future

smarie said...

Good thing Oprah is going off the air or I think you might be right. :)

Roberta said...

This puts a new perspective on "blackmailing" your children with "baby photos"...NOW you have the ultimate BOMB ;) Hilarious...lmao