Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random words make random sentences

I feel like I should start a quote of the day column made up of random comments that I never dreamed having a baby would add to my daily life:

Things like:
(at home)

-Today, I walked upstairs for the first time in 6 weeks!
-Nah, I feel good. I got to sleep 3 hours straight last night.
-I didn’t even know it was possible for someone to poop 6 times in one day.
-Is that smell coming from you or the baby?
-I don’t even know how it happened! There was actually poo on the wall!
-Honey! He’s peeing! Cover it up! Cover it up!
-Can you move the high chair out of the way, it’s blocking my view of the tv.

(from my friend at work who is OBVIOUSLY potty training her 2 year old)
-he figured out how to take off his diaper (he went up thru his pant leg and pulled it out!) and then he stood up and peed on the floor!!
-he doesn't like his toilet..won't sit on it even when I bribe him. Brought down the step stool so he could stand and pee, but doesn't like that either. I brought the potty into the family room so he could get more familiar with it. Now he thinks that it makes a great garage for his cars!

(from my sister)
-She also says "Mama" and "Ma'maw." Mom said she woke up last night and kept hollering at her till Mom finally realized she had a poopie diaper she wanted changed! (does anyone see a theme?)

(from our friends, whose baby hit on ours in church, Sunday, as seen here)
-Now that she's crawling, we keep catching her trying to eat the dog's food.

Just a day in the life, people...a day in the life...

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