Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eh, it's ok. I don't mind...really...

So…I have a friend…. And she will read this. Because she reads my blog RELIGIOUSLY and then emails me about it. Or comments about it on her blog. She's THAT type of person. Go figure.

So anyway, my friend is a self-proclaimed hater of all things passive aggressive.

And yet, she loves to dole out advice with very passive aggressive, albeit humorous tones:

Your husband won’t put the seat down? Glue it UP, so that next time HE needs to sit, he can’t and see how he feels getting is tail splashed….

You don’t appreciate it when people drop by without giving you warning? Walk around naked all the time. Yeah, SURPRISE THEM! See how THEY feel.

Hate it when the hubby constantly leaves his half-empty cup on the counter? Hide it from him.

People, this is the kind of advice I get on a regular basis. It takes everything I have not to go with it. Because obviously, it’s working so well for her.

So last week, when she was complaining about a particularly irritating situation, I gave her some extremely sound advice. The kind I can usually depend on her for….

Just swish his toothbrush in the toilet. He never has to know…but you will.

How afraid are you to come visit me, now?