Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Help me! Elizabeth, I'm comin!

Who loves some good photography? (Raisin' my hand over here...)

Well, first of all, I want a well deserved pat on the back for my accomplishment.

I photoshopped my first photo yesterday.

I expect at least a dozen comments on that, peeps. That was a-lot of work.
Or not. But really, at least I know which button in Photoshop does what.

Also, can I tell you how thankful I am to have the Techy husband who makes sure we have this kind of software?

Anyway, I love some good photography.

And I mentioned the Sassyfras girls last week. Well,, just when I thought they couldn't impress me anymore, they go and do this.

If you are in the VA, NC area, you should definitely look into their giveaway.

I know I would, if I weren't 600 miles away from them.

1 comment:

ceejus said...

are you going to enter your photo in p dub's bug contest?