Monday, June 14, 2010

Just a spoon full of sugar...

So, I have been thinking and shtuff.

I am pretty sure that I have shared my love for all things blogginess over the last few months.

But can I even begin to express how much I have learned from them?

Thanks to blogworld, I have watched one of my friends blossom through her pregnancy.

I have also listened and learned all about troubleshooting these first few months of mommyhood.

I have enjoyed my friend Ceej’s quirky sense of humor and her random obsession with Bonnie Hunt.

I have been a listening ear to my friend who has been fighting to keep her faith strong while struggling with her MS.

I have cooked new recipes and laughed at random rural atrocities thanks to PW.

I have been inspired to get back in shape from my friend Sarah, who despite moving 400 miles away from home, has established her GYRO club in her new community and is training for her 2nd marathon.

And I was almost coaxed to paint my whole house white and decorate with sea shells and driftwood thanks to The Lettered Cottage.

I watched 2 of my friends, Katie and Erin, go through the hardest things they have ever been through.

Thrifty D├ęcor Chick made me wanna throw beadboard over the hideous tile backsplash in my kitchen.

And let’s not forget the Sassy sisters that made me wanna go out to the nearest wood shed or rusted truck bed for a photo shoot with my little guy.

Not to mention the snazzy, cheap, door desk and sweet lighting the Petersiks are practically forcing me to implement in my home….

And completely getting it when my friend posted about her new mommy body and the fashion woes that accompany it.

All in all, I would say that blog reading is good for me. Look at all I have learned.... Techy begs to differ. All he wants is peace and quiet, and all he gets from my blog reading is more work – usually a lot of photography assignments, housework, or exercise.

Oh well.... These are the things I LURVE!

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