Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Filing, not just for fingernails

I am trying to come up with specific labels for my blogs. Rather than being randomly random. Most of all I really am trying to shy away from anything to do with the word random at all.

Alas, I am a failure.

Here are the labels I want to hem myself into:

Health & Exercise
The Complaint Department (since most of my random posts end up being complaints that I don’t realize are complaints until later) {ugh! There it is again. That word…I can’t get away from it!}
Little Man

But if you know anything about me, you probably know that I am the type of person who likes to look organized on the surface, but in reality, is anything but organized. For instance, I have a whole drawer in my office filled with files, arranged alphabetically for bills, health insurance, mortgage information, tax information, etc. The only file in the whole drawer that has anything in it is the tax file and that’s only because I have to have that info next year at tax time.

I have a feeling that if I ever tried to categorize myself or, gasp, label a post with one of the above labels, I would suddenly become completely disenchanted with the idea and never label anything.

But I could be wrong.

Which is why I am labeling this post under “The Complaint Department”.

Now I have to try to go back and label all of my old posts for kicks and giggles. And organization purposes.

Because I like to be organized and historical and stuff.

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