Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Like a bunch of Pixie Sticks on the ground...

Wow, guys, so for those of you who{ever} read my blog, you know I am as close to having ADHD as possible. I mean, seriously, I can’t seem to get serious about anything. I am the person who has too many irons in the fire.

Case in point…

I haven't been able to decide what to blog about lately.

On Sunday, I was all serious and wanting to post about finding your passion and being everything that God wants you to be. And then I was like wait, that’s too serious for me. So, no post.

But then on Monday, I wanted to know if anyone knows how to find the sweet light fixtures that were used in the HGTV Green Home.

Geez, I am sweating those.

Oh, and how to get over the fact that we are morphing into those parents, ya know the ones that everyone hates, who thinks their kid is the most adorable kid on the planet and enters them in baby contests and stuff. Oh.dear.

Yet again, no post.

And then, yesterday, I get all angry at the world and wanna post about empowering women. Wow, how dark of me.

But then, I changed direction, cause those Petersiks, did it again. One of their posts yesterday may enable me to make those sweet hallway pendant lights from the HGTV Green Home, or at least something similar. Thanks, Petersiks. You gave me a bright spot in my otherwise dark day yesterday.

But still, no post.

And today…I still don’t know what I feel like today.

So, for now, enjoy a laugh at how scattered, I am. And for heaven’s sake, admire my {adorable to me} baby!

See ya!

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slt said...

Your baby is adorable and you are too funny! Just like I remember you from college! Keep 'em coming!