Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friendly reminder

Have I mentioned how much I love decorating and redecorating and redesigning and shtuff?

I think most of you have been to my home and therefore know that 90% of my home décor is made up of bargain finds and or craigslist items.

Now, I am not saying my house is the height of fashion. It certainly isn’t. I have made a few faulty compromises in my home, but all in all, I like my house. I like the feel of it. I like the flow of it. I love the fact that we don’t live on the main floor so most of the clutter {read: piles of crap} is hidden from visitor’s view.

And my dear friends, I have painted about 80% of my house by myself. (Including about 7 coats of red paint in my breakfast nook. Man was that a job!)

All that to say, I love decorating and I love color. Oh, and I love Craigslist!

Some of my most amazing finds have come from Craiglist.

Like this $40 armoire that fit the bill perfectly.

And this $60 baby crib.

(Yes, it does meet all safety requirements, and yes, it is totally convertable.)

And a $30 kitchen table and chair set that goes perfectly in my breakfast nook - that somehow I don't have a picture of. I am so remiss

I could go on and on.

But yesterday, I found the best deal ever.

And it wasn’t even for me.

Yesterday I found this!

And guess how much they are asking for this vintage set?!


And this screamed one of my friends names at me. SCREAMED. Like hearing voices in my head. Scary, yes. But good for her.

So, like any good friend, I emailed her.

ME: “Why does this remind me of you?”


Conclusion, she and her fiancé are picking it up today.

See, it pays to be my friend. I spread good deals around.

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