Monday, June 28, 2010

Just when I had given up on finding a pair of Virginia Tech Crocs….

This weekend, Techy and I went yard saling. (Is that how you spell yard saling? It really doesn’t look right to me. Probably because it was never intended to be a verb…probably.)

But yes, we went yard saling. And I was on a mission. After reading all the blogs that I have been reading of late, I was pumped for some sweet finds. Maybe a chair, hopefully some cute accessories….

We lucked out with a couple neighborhood yardsales. You know the type. Where you can cruise the neighborhood from your car and tell if someone has something you are looking for? (By the way, I have decided that there is more leftover baby toys/accessories in the world than there should be. I mean, really. EVERYONE is selling old strollers, old beds, old baby clothes…. There should be a recycling center JUST FOR baby stuff. I bypassed more baby themed yard sales this weekend than should be possible.)

As we cruised through the neighborhood, we bypassed multiple sales. And then there it was, one house shining above them all. I am pretty sure I heard angel’s voices and a light was shining down from heaven. We stopped.

And boy, talk about a find.

For the grand total of $28 dollars, we walked away with a solid wood glider for our front porch (which, you may not realize, I have been looking for FOREVER. I almost bought a cheap one from Christmas Tree Shoppe for $60 last time I was there, but it was sold out – lucky for me!), a $150 badminton set that Techy has been searching for FOREVER, and a pair of Virginia Tech Crocs in my Dad’s size. Because he has been searching for a pair of VT crocs FOREVER. Yeah, we are like that.

Our next yard sale was just as good, but on a lower scale. Techy snatched up 8 Polo/Ralph Lauren shirts (some still had tags on them), I snatched up an Ann Klein bag (still had the tags on it), a set of personalized “P” coasters, a picture frame, and 2 bottles of Bath & Bodyworks shower gel, a Dave Matthews Band cd and a Barenaked Ladies cd, all for $5.

We spent a total of $33. And almost made all our dreams come true.

Unfortunately, I can’t take pictures of our finds because, thanks to all our busy-ness and, well, all our busy-ness, we have managed to fill up all 3 of our SD cards. Which is kind of a feat since between the 3 of them, there is 22 GB of space.

Um, yeah, on the to-do list for this week, is cleaning that little mess up….

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Carrie said...

Hello friend! There is a place for recycling baby stuff its called a resale shop :) Great finds in places like that, which I am sure you already knew! Once upon a child up off Limestone rd and 2nd chance resale in the Lowe's shopping center. And I'm sure many more I don't know about. Love your blog! We should get together this week!