Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mantelphobia Continued

Yes.  I realize it's Wednesday.

And I realize that Wednesday's are primarily dedicated to Helpful How-To's here Behind the Stone Wall.

(What?  You didn't realize that?  Well.  It is.  So there.)

But we're all aware of my tendencies, right?

So today, I may or may not get around to a Helpful How-To....

But in the meantime, remember my mantel envy and my immense envy of everyone with a fireplace/mantel?


Do any of you stalk Layla like I do?  (I, of course, am referring to figurative blog-stalking.  None of this, "Every-breath-you-take-Sting-crap.)

And did any of you happen to see her amazing Presto-Change-O from last night?

Um.  Yeah.

The girl gave me an idea.

It wasn't in her Presto-Change-O, per se.

But in her inspiration pics.


This one.

I know.

You don't see what I see.

But for clarification.

Let me tell you what I see.

I see my electric stove.

Sitting inside of a build out fireplace wall.

I.e., I could BUILD MY OWN MANTEL....

Or rather, Techy could build my own mantel, since he is clearly so handy with power tools.

Now that it's out probably shouldn't run and tell him about it.

He is still trying to get the sawdust out of his nose hairs from the last project....

So yeah.  Let's make this our little secret, K?

And here's to Layla, for always providing amazing inspiration.

P.S.  This is the second time in 2 weeks that I have walked away from her blog with full intentions of making her brilliance part of my home.  Wanna see the other one?  Check it out here.  Um. Yeah.  Never have I been so in love with white, white and more white.

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