Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Booth Shots - Finally

No.  This is not a post about my breakfast nook.

Tell me you didn't think it was for a split second.

I wish it were.

I really wish it were.  I have been so slow in sewing those pillows.

Do you know that the people who helped us build it still haven't seen it?

Appalling, I know.

But I am blaming it on the fact that the month of April is a huge time suck.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who commented on the Botox post from yesterday.

You made me feel better.

Whether it was over the {practically non-existent} guilt that I carry for watching such a ridiculous show or the fact that I hate forehead wrinkles more than Ryan Seacrest hates slurred syllables.  (Seriously THIS IS A-MER-I-CAN I-DOL!  Could it BE more enunciated?*)

So, instead, I thought I would post some of the pics from my party.

In case you aren't friends with me on Facebook.

Or in case you are and were really wondering what I thought about each of the pics.

Because I know many of you wonder about the running commentary going on inside my head....

We'll start out with my personal favorite of me.

What?!  It's MY birthday....

This is the workout side of me coming out, and I apologize, but look at those ARMS.... 

A year of hard work.  Worth it.

Next up....  The Prom Date Pics.

At first I didn't get these.  And when I did, I laughed.  OUT LOUD.  ALOT.

I love these girls.

Next...the Locomotion pics.

And this guy???  Don't ask me....

These girls are like family....

And these girls ARE family....

My sister and my adorable niece.  She's like me.  ALOT like me.

My sister-in-law & my adorable niece.

Let's not forget the inlaws...

And nephews/nieces

And finally...the comedic relief....

My rockstar nephew - Cam...

Stealing a kiss....

This guy again...Because really. Comedic relief?  Um yeah.

My "Dancing Queen" pose.  Abba so should have seen this.  They'd have been proud, proud people.

The most random photo ever.  Partly because my SIL HATES the camera.  Partly because my child is screaming for Zoe.  And partly because Kyle just hopped in at the last second. 

Silly girls.

Silly Us.

The Personal...yes...PERSONAL CHEF my hubby hired.

Jen.  And her crazy husband.  The one whose chest you saw here.

Kyle.  I love Kyle.  Big Pink Puffy Heart - LOVE. 

These 2 held the dance floor down for the first hour or 2.

Again, with Kyle.  Did I mention how much I love Kyle?

Ah.  Jen.  Poor Jen.

Honorable mention:

These guys...

Who were so busy dancing that they only ended up in this pic.

And yes, I did sketch in the amazing spaceman helmets on their heads in honor of the 50th anniversary of the first space mission.  (Or at least that's what Google said today was.)
But yeah. They are awesome.   And incredible dancers/balloon bouncers.

And for the record, if you happen to be local to this area and would be interested in a photo booth like this, I happen to have an in with (ahem, I may or may not be sleeping with....)
one of the photographers who runs it.  You can find out more about it here.

*please read this like Chandler Bing.  If you don't know who Chandler Bing is, don't tell me that. 
Because then I will feel old, but at least I won't be alone, right Chan???


Roberta said...

Wow...those are so fantastic! You'll be remembering this birthday for the next decade ;) I had a huge 40th birthday and then when I turned 50 this past year...I was kinda bummed that I didn't have as big of a party...lol

Chantel said...

could those pictures BE more awesome?

kait said...

ahahh the locomotion is awesomeee! the pictures made me smile, looks like it was so much fun!!!