Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Weigh In #24

It's called the Up-swing, peeps....

Also known as gainage....

Because 3 (yes, THREE!!!!) weeks ago, I posted my lowest weigh in to date....

At 136.2.

And last Thursday, I was comfortably sitting at the same spot, AND I posted a picture of the proof here.

Then a 3 day travelling weekend happened.

With shorter runs.

And at least 1, if not 2 Cadbury Cream Eggs happened.*

And then Secretary's (Ahem, ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL'S) Day happened....

And I got this....

QUESTION: What do 2 dozen chocolate covered apples do to your diet?

ANSWER: This...

Now, as much as I am trying not to freak out, there are other things to consider here.

This is the week before my half marathon.

Therefore, my cardio levels have been severely minimized.

They should return to normal next week.

Also, since this is the week before my half, I am here to remind you that I will be running 2+ hours on Sunday.

Those 2.6 lbs. should most definitely be gone by then.

And finally, the last weak excuse for my weight gain?



Because I am currently wearing shorts that were only seen previously here:

Some 2 plus years ago....

When they were tight on me.

And they are currently loose.

Very loose.

As are almost all of my clothes.

These days, I am wearing a size 6 comfortably. 

And a size 8 if it's tight in the rear.  (am I the only woman in the world whose posterior is out of proportion with her waist?  I think not.  And yet, clothing designers create articles of clothing as if every girl's waist is proportional to her keister.  Why is that the case?!  WHY!?!?!)

So a 2.6 lb. weight gain isn't the end of the world.

Unless it's higher next week.

Then we need to have an intervention.

And a good cry!

I'll keep you posted.

*Note: Cadbury Cream Eggs are the key to my heart.  Diamonds are not this girl's best friend - I would much rather have Cadbury Cream Eggs.  So if you are comtemplating buying my affection, just imagine all the money you could be saving....  Especially while they are still 50% off on the shelve in your local grocery store.  What are you waiting for!?!

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