Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Man: The Twilight Edition

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Now that I've outed myself relative to my ridiculous and {shameful} obsession with all things Twilight, I have a confession to make....

I think my son may be a vampire....

What can I say???

The kid's a biter...

And I think it may be my fault....

You know, due to the fact that when I conceived him, I was sleeping with my Twilight books.

As in, I fell asleep reading them every night.

They stayed under my pillow, by my side or over my face.  Basically. 

Like All.The.Time.

And literally, the same week that this happened, I found out Bella was pregnant....

It was a little eerie.

I kept waiting for the kid to start trying to claw his way out of me, but thankfully that didn't happen.

It should be noted that I although I never craved blood at any point during my pregnancy, there was a distinct craving for red meat that wasn't there before....

But, considering all the coincidents, should I really be surprised when I get a note sent home from daycare saying he bit someone?

4 Times?

Probably not, right?

I should probably just bow my head and take full blame for this problem.

And attribute it to all those crazy vampire dreams we must have shared during that long pregnancy.

After all, it would be less than rational to assume this had anything to do with the fact that someone was pulling his hair and my kid just wanted revenge.

It could also be too easy an explanation to blame it on the fact that his cutting 5 teeth at once could even remotely cause these problems.


Has to be the vampire thing.

This is why Techy and I have chosen to adopt "Edward" as a new nickname for our little dude.

Although, really it should be something like, "Jasper" or "James" - the vampires who actually bit people on a more regular basis.

Did I just take this one step too far?

Showing my fanaticism?

I think so.

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