Friday, April 29, 2011

World Peace is On It's Way


Um, you heard what today was/is, right?

We talked about it here....

Granted, I can't give the Royal Wedding full credit for ensuing world peace....

Mostly because, though today has made an obvious impact the world over, those festivities pale in comparison....

I know you are confused....

So am I.  Most of the time.

But right now? 

Perfect Clarity.

Like when Bella became a vampire....

Gosh.  Have I mentioned how much I love Twilight?

I know.  It's a problem.

But yes...clarity.

Allow me to explain....

You see, this morning at 4 am, Lady Liberty showed up at my house to watch the festivities.

Thus uniting the countries of England, America, AND France.

Yes.  France.

France is the one who sent Lady Liberty, remember???? 

Ugh...the things I have to teach you people.

But this is obviously a symbol of world peace, right?




I dunno....

Seriously, though....

It's like a mirror image, right?

Although, LL's garb needs some of the flair that mine has.

Polka dots.  Woo!

Wire-rimmed glasses.  Hello fashion-forward!

And I really need to hold my torch (cell phones are the current equivalent...haven't you been to a concert lately?) a little higher....

But all in all...

Mirror image.

And yes, in true ridiculous ME fashion, I will be sharing this with as many who will read it over at Serenity Now.

Amanda's Weekend Reading Party is the highlight of my Friday's!

Weekend Bloggy Reading

And try not to roll your eyes too much....


Post-script: this was a totally unintentional pose.  The humor only occured to me well after I posted it on Facebook at 4 am this morning while my eyes were still a little squinty. 



Kait said...

i have a sudden urge to hail you

tarynddavidson said...

your crown is fetch.