Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Like to Brag. Alot

This should probably be a confessional post rather than a braggy post.

But I do like to brag way more than I like to confess.

Therefore, I am planning to use bragging to make this post more cohesive.

And entertaining.

Brag #1.  Today, I am wearing a mini skirt. 

Not like a tight - I'm-too-sexy-for-my-skirt - mini skirt. 

Just a cute short skirt.

As seen here

For $14.99

NOTE: I did NOT pay $14.99 for it.

I paid $2.60 for it. 

The brag here is that I CAN wear a mini skirt. 

AND get a good deal.

So yeah.

After a year and 4.5 months, I can finally wear a mini skirt.

Brag #2.  I am in no way tempted by Peeps.

See that?

See how I cleverly disguised a complaint about how disgusting marshmallows are into a brag about my ability to withstand the call of the Peep?

I know, I know. 

How could I NOT love Peeps?! 

It's like a disappointment to the general public.

But I don't like Peeps and Techy doesn't like mushrooms.

I see this as balance. 

Universal balance.

Life is still worth living as long as we can balance one another this way, right?

Brag #3.  I did mention that I ran 11 miles this weekend, right?

And I plan to run more over the next 2 weeks. 

Crazy, I know.

I'm kind of a rock star like that. 

Also.  My water bottle is cooler than yours.

Just saying.

Brag #4.  I totally scored swim apparel for the whole family for less than $50 this weekend.

Including, but not limited to 2 suits for me, 2 for the Little Man PLUS a board shirt (aren't little boy board shirts ADORABLE?), and a suit for Techy. 

Yes.  Grand total was something ridiculous like $48.00.

Thank you, Old Navy 60% off sale. 

You made my summer so much easier.

And cheaper.

Brag #5.  I am the queen of cooking with Rotel Tomatoes.

Why not? 

They are cheap.

They add tons of pizzazz to any meal.

Not to mention color.

Nevermind the regret that hits the day after when my rear end is left feeling like I am sitting on a match.

But for those of you with stronger systems than mine, Rotel apparently has a hotter version.

For those who think the original isn't hot enough.

Don't believe me?
It's true. 

I swear.
Brag #6.  I have total self confidence.

After 30 years.  I finally have acquired self confidence.

I.e., I am wearing a mini skirt without shaving my legs.

And in spite of all the bruises on my legs due to my clumsiness.

This could only mean 1 of 2 things.

Either I am totally lazy and didn't feel like reaching farther into my closet this morning.

Or I no longer rely on other peoples' opinions to determine my self worth.


Brag #7.  I hit 500+ hits in one day right here on ye olde blogge.

That's new records for me.

And I got like 2% of that in comments (i.e. 10 comments in one day.  Also new records....)

Look out, Pioneer Woman, here I come! 

Brag # 8.  Pillows for Breakfast nook - DONE!

Also, I think I finally finished the breakfast nook this weekend.

Unfortunately, all I have is this crappy cell phone picture of half of it to show you.

Act like you are as excited as I am.

So yes.

Only 8 brags for you today.... 

Sorry for you who wanted more. 

But most especially for those of you who could barely stomach the 8....

I'll stop for now.

In the words of the great, Tigger.


Ta Ta For Now!


Kait said...

<3 all your brags. Jealous of most of them. And I hate peeps. My dad likes them stale...eww! And I'm off to Old Navy (and Kohls) to be like you! hehe!

Roberta said...

Congrats on the 11 mile run and the cute skirt ;) Love the bench pillows. I just saw a blog post today with peeps used in s'mores...it might have been PW's post...can't remember. Sign of getting too olde...CRS ;) Have a great evening. Fondly, Roberta

Bumber's Bumblings said...

Tried to comment yesterday, but the puter at work wouldn't let me. Seriously almost peed my pants laughing at this post. I love me some rotel and, yes always regret them too.

and peeps are GROSS!!!!