Monday, April 4, 2011

I Thought I Could

Way back when, I challenged myself to be able to do 13.1 over one weekend

And because I like a good challenge, I broke it up into a 2 day run as opposed to a 3 day run.

With a goal of running one short run and one long run.

Well, this weekend was the weekend.

And this weekend, I did it.

I had goals.

Like to keep it under a 10:30 mile. 

And to run the entire thing.

You know, little goals.

Friday was my short run, and I was determined to keep it under a 10 minute mile to help my overall time.

(I do realize that this would have been totally not-doable had I done the entire 13.1 in one day.

So this is an entirely unfair way of calculating my time.)

But I should definitely get some points back because I ran this in the rain WITH a headwind for about 65% the time I was out there.

And I still managed to stick to my goal.

My 4.2 miles at 40:35. 

Longest distance at this pace for me.

I was a little sore from pushing myself so hard IN THE RAIN, but I was still determined to get my 8.9 in on Sunday.

So undaunted, I mapped my course - hills and all - confirmed with my running buddy, and fought back the looming nervousness that had me shaking in my boots, er, Adidas's...whatev...

And pulled this out.

I'll just be honest and say I did not push myself for this run. 

Considering that it was the first time I have ever run this kind of distance, I was too nervous to push myself too hard.

Also considering that I had spent the night before this run dancing in heels for hours on end (that's a whole other post), I was a bit concerned about the damage that may have wreaked on my joints and muscles.

All in all, I was thisclose (as in 36 seconds away) from keeping this run at my goal pace, which would have put my overall total even lower.


When it was all said and done...

My overall time was 2:14:52 with an average pace of 10:17.

Well under my goal, thanks to my tough rain running on Friday.

No, I didn't break any records.

Especially considering that I broke it up into 2 days.

But for me?

For the person who 6 months ago, could barely run a mile and a half without crying about my shins throbbing?

For the person who has never in her life run outdoors, much less run for miles and miles outdoors?

This was an accomplishment.

Part of me feels like a slacker because I should have run 9 yesterday and just stopped timing myself at the 8.9 race distance.

But I have no doubts I could do 9.

Truthfully, the way I felt yesterday, I probably could have run another 2 or 3 miles. 

It just felt that good.

And all in all, I am very proud of how far I have come.

Thanks for tuning in, for bearing with me, and for listening to me talk about it non-stop.

I obsess about running.

Love me anyway. 

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