Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Honest Opinion: The Royal Wedding Version

Are you going to be joining me?

And my mom?

And my sister?

And my nanny?

Who will be up at 4 am watching the royal nuptials?

Not gonna lie, I think the networks may have gone a bit overboard about it, but I don't care! 

I loved Diana, and I was almost related to William at one point in time....

And my honest opinion is that this is the wedding of my lifetime.

So, yeah. 

Gonna watch it.

And cry the entire time.

And if you wanna watch it with me, and if I knew how to use Twitter, we could tweet each other play by plays.

Alas, I am Twitter-stupid, so no hash-tagging anything for me.

But look for me on Facebook.

I'll be there.

Probably wearing my pearls and my tiara.

I'm dressing up for this one....

Anyone interested in a Royal Wedding Linky Party?

Where we all post pics of our Royal Wedding Attire?

Yes?  No?  Yes?  Maybe?  Call me?  Text me?  Let me know!  Cause I am so game!


Ang said...

....and sadly this is where we differ...I soooo could NOT care LESS about this wedding and can't wait for it to be over so I can stop hearing about it and the news shows can stop coming up with anything randomly royal related to talk about....

But, if it happens to be on when I get up....I may look out of morbid curiosity...

Katy said...

I'm with you! We had to leave Huntsville because of tornados last night and we won't have power for several days. We drove to a random hotel in TN just so we could watch the wedding...and I have my tierra!

Sarah said...

Katy! Oh you should've come here. We could've all worn our tiaras, gloves, & gowns.