Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trimming more than waistlines

Most of you know about our adorable, wonderful, amazingly intelligent pet, Gizmo.

Poor Gizmo.

Gizmo is a cockapoo. As such, he is a hypoallergenic dog. YAY!!!!

Gizmo is also curly – like me. What can I say, curls are on my mind today.

The upside to a hypoallergenic dog like Gizmo is that he doesn’t shed in the traditional, leaving hair wherever he goes – all over your sofa, sweater, and blankets – manner.

The downside to a hypoallergenic dog like Gizmo is that he has to be groomed every so often. Or else, random scary things happen. I.e., he and I start sporting the same do.

It’s very scary.

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but last week we went on vacation. And then we came home.

And somehow Gizmo’s hair grew about 4 inches and his nails grew about 6. No seriously. He looks like something from Twilight, or rather, New Moon, or even better, Eclipse. Anyway, it’s pretty scary.

Techy told me to get him an appointment at the groomers for him. (By the way, we have a phenomenal groomer, just over the state line at a place called Groovy Grooming. If you ever need a groomer, I highly recommend them! They are so good with him!)

But here’s the thing…I am always so embarrassed because we tend to go a long time between grooming – it isn’t cheap. (Let’s put it this way, I pay more for Gizmo’s haircuts than I do for my own!) I always end up wishing there were some way for me to pre-groom him at home.

And then I start wishing that I had one of these.

Remember those? I have begged Techy to let me buy a Flowbee for Giz…. Geez, it would make my life so much easier. If anyone knows anyone who has one, let me know asap! I would LOVE to have one. Then I could groom Gizmo and Techy!. Not that either of them would let me…Gizmo hates the Pedi Paws that I bought for him, they both aren’t really friendly with the vacuum cleaner, and they are both terrified of anything that makes more noise than they do.

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