Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pool Partaaaaaaaaay!

When we were planning our vacation, I was extremely concerned about the amount of time I would be able to spend out in the sun – rightfully so. Little Man is only 5 months old, and most sunscreens recommend not using on a child younger than 6 months. Therefore we had to be under shade the whole time. How would we ever be able to enjoy the pool?

Thankfully, someone thought about that.

Here's another angle of the pool. The kids loved how it sloped down deeper and deeper. They could just sit down and play in the water.

Cinnamon beach has these little cabanas sprinkled all around their pools.

Not to mention the vast amount of Umbrellas….

The pool pictured above was by far our favorite. The end you see in the photo was the deep end and had 2 very large steps, which I assume were made just for me since I love to be in the water, but am not a fan of splashing around. Thanks, Cinnamon Beach Resort! You guys are awesome.

This was the other pool.

Techy loved it because swim lanes were clearly marked for the swimming enthusiasts. I loved it because during the late afternoon, the “grotto” shaded half the pool and we could take the kiddo’s (even the little ones) for a swim.

Not to mention all the little cabana’s around this pool. Perfect for a little shade.

Thanks again Cinnamon Beach Resort. You made my week great!

I know you miss us…we miss you too!

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