Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not another 6 day hiatus

After taking a few days off to finish my bathroom makeover, I finally had the opportunity to do a workout last night. My girlfriend came over, and we decided to try out Tae Bo since that’s about the only work out video we haven’t tried yet.

Have you ever done Tae Bo? I tried it a few years ago, but I am terribly uncoordinated and stopped after about 15 minutes. Since then I did a couple exercise classes and learned a couple of the moves, so I felt much more confident going into it last night.

Apparently, it’s an hour long workout, but at least 10 minutes is spent warming up and 10 minutes is spent cooling down. I have done a lot of workouts, but 10 minutes warming up and cooling down is a long time. Like, get on with it already!

And then there is Billy, who sweats like a he is in a sauna through the entire workout. I mean, really, they must have him under a heat lamp to film this thing. Don’t get me wrong, the workout was difficult, but even I, who perspires like a pig in heat, didn’t sweat that much. (Partially due to spending a lot of time staring at the tv screen and trying to figure out what on earth he was trying to get me to do rather than actually doing it)

I mean, really, is it just me or does it look like he is sweating while standing still?

And then there is his sidekick – a tiny, perky blonde, who for some unknown reason has a one of those over-ear microphones – probably because she spends the entire video chanting 1,2,3,4… and randomly screaming “Yes!”. I mean, come on, air punching and kicking is not that exciting…. But of course, by the end of the video, I started to think that was part of the work out and might help burn extra calories, so I started screaming along with her.

But the real entertainment comes about halfway through the workout when Billy decides that we, as his students, are now ready for combination punch/kick routines. We suddenly went from punch, punch, kick, kick, knees (which I can handle)to punch-punch, punch-punch, punch-punch-punch, step, step, step, kick, punch-punch-punch. WHOA! Throw a little footwork in and I am suddenly disfunctional!

We obviously were not ready for that kind of combination, and it was that point in the workout, we decided it was time for a dance party, punches, kicks and knees included. It’s a wonder we made it out alive. We looked like drunken, angry moshers.

Like this…

In case you were wondering, that is me with the tatoo. JK, you can't see my mad moshing skills in this pic, but trust me, they are there. Buried deep inside of me.

All things considered, I guess it was an ok workout. My calorie counter says that I burned about 665 calories. However, I don’t think it realizes how much of the time I spent gauking at the tv, trying to understand why Billy Blanks sweats so much. It's just bizarre. Really bizarre.

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Debbie Lovette said...

Is it just me or is Billy's face a different color than his body??!