Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweatin to the Oldies

Have I mentioned that I am leaving for vacation tomorrow? I can’t remember…. I probably didn’t. I don’t really like to talk about that kind of thing.

For the record, I am a nervous wreck. Paralyzed with fear about flying with my baby boy.

In other news, I tried my hand at running again last night. After several weeks of recovery from the ugly knee incident I had last time, I tried to take it easy on myself. Rather than running for speed or distance, I opted to run what I could. My friend Sarah is a hardcore runner and gave me an idea to try – counting mailboxes. Last night I started my run with 10 mail boxes, walked another 5 (but there is one corner of my neighborhood that doesn’t have a mailbox for approximately .25 mi) and ran another 10, walked 30, and ran the last 10. It was only about a mile. Yes, I am way out of shape. But I managed to shave a few minutes off my time and I had Little Man in the jogging stroller, so I am pretty proud of myself. I didn’t break any records, but anything is better than nothing.

A handful of us at work have started weighing in together on the shipping scale in our warehouse. We are supposed to do it once a week, but it’s been every other week so far. We weighed in this morning and I managed to gain a whole pound since last time. Which is not good, but it isn’t as bad as I had feared.

I am a little nervous about what will happen on vacation, though. I usually gorge myself on food during vacation, but right now I am a little sick of food and money is a little tight. I HAVE to find a way to lose this weight. In the past, I did weight watchers and lost about 40 lbs., but that was in college. A younger body always copes with weight loss better than this older version of me.

How many of you have been watching the Biggest Loser this season? I am totally in love with that show. I am so envious of having a trainer kick your butt for 6-8 hours a day. I have a love-hate thing for Jillian – she doesn’t really seem like someone you would ever envision being friends with. I wonder if she has friends, I mean ones that she doesn’t bully into being her friends….

Anyway, this week Sunshine went home after only losing 2 lbs. I can’t imagine the frustration. It has to be terrifying to know that you still have weight to lose and you can’t lose it when you are working out that much. And now you are going home? What?!? Hello, Big Bad World. This week’s episode also featured Season 3’s winner, Erik Chopin, who gained back 122 lbs after leaving the show. That has to be any contestant’s worst fear! I know it would be mine. Right now, my biggest fear (other than flying with a baby, which makes my fingers tingle and my stomach tie itself in knots) is not losing a good portion of this weight before we get pregnant again. If I gain the same amount of weight I gained with this pregnancy next time, I will qualify to GO ON the Biggest Loser! Oh my stars and heavens! This I CANNOT allow. And yet…I have yet to lose one single pound over the last 6 weeks. Help me! I am being swallowed up by the dark side!

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Carrie said...

OH dear one I feel your pain! I didn't lose all of my Wyatt weight. Scary. And I didn't lose a single pound from Leah (after the first purge) until February. Yes, I say this not to scare you but to let you know you are not alone! Keep with it, it will happen (at least that's what I kept telling myself!) Have fun on VACA!!